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Free PMP Simulator

The Free PMP Exam Simulator offers 3 exams / 69 questions.

About The Free PMP Exam Simulator

The Free PMP Exam Simulator offers the same overall features as you will find in The Premium PMP Exam Simulator, including practice tests and sample questions to help with your exam prep. It is a great way for you to try all the simulator features for a week before you decide to buy the premium version outright.

Your access will let you answer free PMP practice exam questions. We think checking it out will confirm to you that this simulator not only has the best features but beats the competition with its realistic questions that are as close to the real PMP exam questions that you can find.

The Google and Facebook ratings above are current as of this very moment. They are based on ratings from our actual customers.

Demo of the Online PMP® Exam Simulator

The PM Exam Simulator offers a realistic online testing center. It's designed to help you prepare for and pass the examination on your first try. Here is how it works:

Features and Functionality

The Free Simulator includes all of the following.
  • Live Feedback™
  • Realistic Environment
  • Updated to Current Exam
  • 24/7 Access
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Three Examination Modes
  • Mark for Review Button
  • Strikeout Answer Choice

  • For PC, Tablet or Phone
  • Unlimited Repeats

Customer Reviews

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Bonus Items

When signing up of for the FREE PM Exam Simulator™ you will also receive the following bonus items:

Bonus Item #1: Basic Strategies for Taking The PMP Exam (Email Course)

In this 4-part email course, we introduce you to important multiple-choice test-taking strategies. You will also receive our recommendations for the most relevant study materials for students this year.

Bonus Item #2: PMP Exam Simulator Comparison Worksheet

You probably want to shop around and buy the simulator that's just right for you. Use this MS Excel worksheet to compare PMP simulator features between our tool and the others that you have found. Then make your selection. Let us know if you find a better product and what you like about it. We'd love to improve so we can better serve our students.

Bonus Item #3: Weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter

Our weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter offers tips, tricks, study approaches, best practices, articles, and recommended study materials. A must-have for everyone preparing for their project management certification! (You can unsubscribe at any time.)

Benefits of using The PMP Exam Simulator

Using a simulator is one of our expert tips for passing the certification test. Students find that practicing with an exam simulator improves their confidence and results. Here's why: there are many benefits to using a simulator for your studies including the ones below.
  • Reduce study time
    Learn from the detailed explanations that help you understand why the correct answer was the right choice and why the wrong answers were wrong. Reviewing your wrong answers is one of the CAPM lessons learned from past students. When you understand the 'why' behind the responses, you will find it easier to recall the concepts when you need to.
  • Learn in a realistic environment
    The simulator prepares you in a realistic environment, mimicking what you will experience on test day. This helps build confidence about what to expect.
  • Improve confidence
    Confidence comes from knowing what to expect and knowing that you can rise to the challenge! The simulator is the perfect way to build your confidence because it prepares you for the experience of being in front of an online multiple-choice test. Your mock exam results will mean you approach the real thing ready to succeed!
  • Access online at any time
    Get access to your practice tests and quizzes from any device where you have internet. Make the most of short bursts of time to log on and answer a few PMP practice questions whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Practice test taking strategies
    Learn the strategies for getting through the test and how to use logic to select the correct answer. These ways of working are techniques you can improve through trial and error, and learning about your preferred working style.
  • Manage your time
    Learn how to manage your time and use the built-in software features to get used to using the countdown clock. Practice what it is like to take a break part-way through and what implications that has for the amount of time remaining to complete your final answers.
  • Feel ready for the test
    The number one reason we think people use simulators for exam prep is to feel ready, whatever 'ready' means for them. For some, a simulated testing environment helps them know what to expect and how to use the tool. For others, it's knowing they've already aced plenty of practice tests with a high score. What does being ready mean for you?

How To Find The Best PMP Practice Test Simulator

How do you go about selecting your PMP exam simulator? When you sign up for the free version we will send you a spreadsheet to help you compare and contrast different products, but while you are here, below is a summary of the things our experts believe you should be looking for.
  • Produced by a PMI Authorized Training Provider
  • Offers learning mode
  • Based on the most recent PMBOK® Guide
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Reasonably priced
Making the right choice about what study materials to invest in is a crucial part of setting yourself up for success. Let's look at why those things in particular are important and how they help you choose a quality simulator.
  • Produced by a PMI Authorized Training Partner
    You can have confidence that the product is going to be a quality tool when the supplier has been authorized by PMI as one of their training providers. Look for the ATP designation. This stands for Authorized Training Partner. Training providers using the ATP designation have been assessed as providing quality materials by PMI. That's a stamp of approval, and you know they will have been carefully selected and vetted so you get the best possible materials to help you study.
  • Offers learning mode

    "Learning mode" is a way of using the simulator to take short, timed quizzes or tests that related to one topic area only. They are the perfect bite-sized assessment tool to help you understand how well you have absorbed the information.

    Answer PMP test questions in learning mode to get hints and tips, as well as detailed references to learn more. The responses for each question (even the incorrect answers) have at least one, often more, reference materials so you can read up on the topic and improve your knowledge.

  • Based on the most recent PMBOK® Guide
    Make sure the simulator you choose is up-to-date and reflects the content of the latest version of the PMBOK® Guide. It should go without saying, and yet we do sometimes see test tools and quizzes on the market that have not been updated. It's simple to check and if you can't see that information on the website, reach out to the vendor and ask directly. That also gives you the chance to see what their support team is like!
  • Works on multiple devices
    Plenty of students use multiple devices to access their learning materials. You might use a laptop computer at home, and then take a quick quiz on your phone while waiting in line. The best tools let you access practice questions from wherever you are, on whatever device best suits you at the time.
  • Reasonably priced
    The PMP simulator that you choose has to be within your budget. We certainly wouldn't encourage you to invest beyond your means in a paid solution. Start with the free PMP exam questions in our testing tool and check out the features. Then consider whether you need to upgrade to a paid product for extra features and (a lot) more questions.

PMP Exam Simulator Screenshots

00 Start Exam

01 Confirm Activation

02 Question Layout

03 Marked Question

04 Grid Showing All Questions

05 Grid Answered Questions Only Filter

06 Grid Unanswered Questions Only Filter

07 Grid Marked Questions Only Filter

08 Question Filtered

09 End Exam Warning

10 Question Review

11 Live Feedback

20 Start Learning Quiz

21 Question Layout In Learning Quiz

22 Timed Quiz Examination Report

30 Statistics Overview

31 Statistics Details

32 Statistics By Exam

33 Statistics By Knowledge Area

34 Statistics By Domain

35 Statistics Actual Exam Passing Feedback

40 Mobile Warning

FAQs about PMP Simulators

Do you have questions about what it is like to use a simulator or how they work? Here are some commonly asked questions about mock exams and simulators. If you have other questions, we will do our best to help. Get in touch using the 'Support' button on this page and our team will do their best to help you make the right choice for your studies.

What is the PMP exam prep practice test?

The PMP exam prep practice test is a set of questions asked online in a realistic simulated exam environment. It's a tool used by hundreds of students around the world to help them check their learning in real time, using world-class software. Taking a practice test (or several) helps build confidence, consolidate learning and shorten your study time as you can focus on the areas where you are not yet fully skilled.

What is included in this PMP exam prep?

The PM PrepCast exam simulator for PMP includes online access to an advanced, realistic assessment tool where you can take practice questions. We have a range of learning materials for people taking certification exams including a full suite of training videos, so we are confident you will find a package that will suit your needs. Scroll up the page to find the features, benefits and bonuses you get when you sign up for the free simulator.

What are the requirements to take this PMP practice exam?

There are no learning requirements: you can answer your first questions as soon as you've created a login. However, you will score more highly if you have done some learning before attempting a mock exam!

As for technical requirements, all you need is an internet connection and the most recent version of your browser.

How many questions will I get?

The Free Exam Simulator includes 69 questions that are drawn from the pool of questions in the premium tool. They cover a wide range of PMP exam question types and give you a taste of each of the different domains, themes and topics covered by the content outline of the exam. It's a representative batch of questions to show you what the experience of the exam will be like and also so you can make a decision about whether to invest in the premium simulator.

Can I retake this PMP practice test?

Yes! You can retake the practice test as many times as you like. While you have access to the simulator, use it as much as you can to get the maximum benefit.

Why might you want to do that? Some people find it useful to answer a few PMP exam sample questions, then review what they got wrong using the detailed explanations. They study the references and concepts before answering the questions again to confirm that they now understand what is being asked and what the correct response is. It's a tried-and-tested technique for improving recall!

Will this PMP exam simulator help in clearing the actual PMP certification exam?

We will let our results speak for themselves! Our students certainly think the premium simulator is a huge asset to their studies. We have had many, many people go ahead and successfully pass the test using our sample questions, training materials and mock exams.

Check out what past students have to say in our Google reviews. All our students have access to our busy and useful forums. Why not take a look at the many success stories they share? PMI does not publish the passing score but we find that lots of students post their practice exam results in the forums so you can gain confidence from the experience of others.

Will the practice tests be updated frequently?

Our exam simulator practice tests are updated to be aligned to the latest exam content outline and latest version of the PMBOK® Guide. You can rest assured that you are getting a large number of high quality, up-to-date questions.

Our simulator has been put together by the team behind the popular Project Management PrepCast, and the questions are regularly reviewed. You can be confident you're getting excellent, challenging questions set by an experienced team!

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  • Exam Content Outline: The office outline of exam topics published by PMI
  • PMP Handbook: Download the official PMP student handbook from the PMI website
  • The Project Management PrepCast: An all-in-one study solution that meets your contact hours requirement and helps you approach the exam with confidence.
  • Selected podcasts: Listen to our curated selection of podcasts on the topic of PMP certification
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