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Why You Need To Practice With A PMP® Exam Simulator

You have studied A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), you have read numerous additional study materials, you believe you have a good handle on project management theories and the application of those theories, and you feel as if you might be are ready take the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam.

There is just one thing that keeps you up at night: the certification exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that must be answered in 4 hours. That's just over one minute per question. How can you prepare for that?

Exam prep can be intimidating, even for the best test takers. That's why we made the Free PMP Exam Simulator.

Benefits of a PMP Exam Simulator

Students who are worried about taking the examination are often concerned because they don't know what to expect. They don't know what kind of questions will come up and they don't have the experience of solving problems in a very short time period. They lack familiarity with the terms and concepts that come up on the actual test.

Even people who are excellent project managers in real life, with a good understanding of the theory, sometimes struggle with test taking because it's not enough to know the subject matter. You also need to feel confident sitting down in front of your computer on the day, knowing what to expect and how to deal with any question that comes up. That's why selecting your PMP exam simulator is an important part of your test prep.

Here are some of the main benefits for using a PMP exam simulator.

1. Gain confidence

You will feel more comfortable with the user interface on the screen

When you spend time answering free PMP exam questions, you will go into your real test with an understanding of what the system will look like. Our simulator is a close match to what you will experience during your actual examination. That means the user interface, system and features will feel familiar. That's one less thing to worry about on your test day!

You will be accustomed to how the features and functions work, and you'll know the way around the tool. That lets you focus more on the questions than trying to understand the format of what's on the screen.

2. Reduce study time

Focus on the topics where you need more support

A simulated examination gives you immediate feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Learn which areas you need to spend further time on, and move forward quickly when you have confidence that you know enough about a topic.

Structured feedback, detailed explanations and further references help direct you to what you need to revise to build your knowledge in any given area. And if you routinely pass your sample tests, you'll have confidence that's a topic you can safely say you have covered adequately.

3. Manage work and study

Fit your studies around your other commitments

You're a busy project manager: you need a solution that helps you learn while fitting around your professional and family commitments. The exam simulator does exactly that.

Accessible from any device, you can pick up your revision whenever you have a few moments to spare. Take a quick test in learning mode to dive deep into a topic or power up a full examination when you have more time. Make the most of all your available time to continue your studies when it suits you.

4. Manage the exam time

Learn how to pace yourself for the test

There are 200 questions to answer in 4 hours. Will you get them all completed? When you use a simulator, you can practice pacing yourself and making sure you have the time to answer everything. Being able to answer all questions in the allotted time will increase the probability of passing on your first attempt.

Build your confidence that you CAN complete everything in the time available and still have plenty of minutes to spare to review any questions you have marked.

5. Practice test strategies

Use test-taking strategies in a mock exam setting

What do you look for when you need to eliminate incorrect answers? How do you quickly answer formula questions? What are the important keywords to spot in the question? All of these are test taking strategies you can learn and practice with a simulator.

In fact, when you sign up for the free PMP test questions, we'll send you an email course that covers top tips for test taking so you'll have our insider knowledge on the tricks that will save you time when the clock is counting down.

6. Feel ready

Be calm, comfortable and prepared for the test

The number one question we are asked is: "How will I know if I am ready for the exam?" There is no easy answer to this as everyone is different, and everyone learns and prepares according to what works best for them. But we can tell you with certainty – because we hear it time and time again from students – that feeling ready comes from doing practice tests over and over and answering a lot of sample questions until you feel you could face any question on the day and have a strategy to tackle it.

As you become increasingly successful in taking the practice exams you will feel progressively confident in your capability to pass. And that's when you will feel ready.

Get a Premium Exam Simulator

Free PMP practice exam questions will give you some degree of experience in test taking techniques, but in order to face the exam confidently, you need to answer a lot of questions.

Upgrade to the premium version to get access to a solution that provides multiple PMP mock exams and gives you a genuine test experience. Our free and premium simulator tools have questions designed by the team behind the popular training course, the Project Management PrepCast so you can be assured that they are quality, representative PMP exam sample questions. We take the quality of our solution very seriously and believe we have a bank of questions that closely match the style and format you can expect to see on the real exam.

Investing in using a PMP Exam Simulator with professionally developed PMP practice questions will:

  • allow you to get used to the exam interface

  • provide you with a sense of calm due to familiarity with the test environment

  • prepare you to answer 200 multiple choice questions in 4 hours

  • assist you in identifying areas which may need additional preparation

  • give you the ability to take practice exams on your schedule

  • provide you with confidence in your ability to pass the PMP exam.

What Features Make a Great PMP® Exam Simulator?

Once you've exhausted the questions in the free version, you'll want to move on to a premium product with more questions so you can continue to learn. Here are the main PMP simulator features to look out for so you can select the right tool to support your studies.

Full exam mode

The best simulators give you 'full exam mode' which is the ability to take a full, timed test just like a real thing. The benefit of this is seeing exactly what your test day will feel like. OK, there's nothing like the pressure of knowing you've paid for the test and this is it, but we reckon our premium exam simulator is as close to the real thing as you'll get! Take a complete practice test when you can put aside the full 4 hours. It’s very realistic, and practicing with questions will help you understand what to expect on the day.

Plenty of questions

An important feature of whatever solution you choose is that it has lots of questions. It's important to practice with all PMP question types including formulas, diagrams, scenario-based questions, knowledge-based question, interpretation and technique, as well as making sure you are familiar with the content in the PMBOK® Guide.

Our premium simulator has over 2,100 questions, giving you plenty of variety.

Aligned to the ECO

The ECO is the Exam Content Outline, the document from PMI that sets out exactly what is in the test. Crucially, it also includes details of how frequently each topic is tested. In other words, it lays out the proportion of questions you can expect to see on each topic. If a topic is represented by a high proportion of questions in the exam, that means it is an area you should study thoroughly, and expect to see come up many times on your test paper.

Your PMP practice exam should use the same criteria. Each mock examination should give you a selection of questions proportionate to what you can expect on your test day.

Mark for review

A feature of the online PMP test is that you can mark questions for review. If you don't know the answer to a question, mark it, and then move on.

This time management technique helps you go through the test paper, answering questions that you find easier, and saving the harder questions until the end. Your test simulator should give you the chance to do the same.

Our free and premium solutions have the option to mark questions for review so you can get used to using the feature.

Detailed explanations

It's not enough to know that you chose the wrong answer. You also have to know why that choice was wrong, what was the right answer and why the right answer was right! That's essential to helping you learn from the experience of answering PMP test questions. Otherwise, how can you improve for next time?

Our free and premium exam simulators have detailed explanations and often more than one reference so you can quickly find more information about the topic. You'll see why your choice was incorrect, why other wrong answers were incorrect and why the best choice was the one you should have picked. Page references to the PMBOK® Guide will help you easily identify areas you should revise, saving you time with your studies on new topics and confirming your existing knowledge.

Your next steps

In addition to the features listed above, we'd recommend getting a simulator that lets you take the tests multiple times (like ours). It's also important to manage your budget: testing fees, PMI membership and the cost of study guides can all add up, so look for cost-effective training and simulators. That doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest: a quality simulator will speed up your study time and reduce the chance that you'll have to pay to take the exam again, so quality is the most important measure. We believe our solution is the best value on the market. Why not check it out?
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