90-Day Simulator Extension Access for customers who didn’t pass the PMP Exam

Are you a customer of The PM Exam Simulator and unfortunately didn’t pass your PMP Exam? Don't despair. This doesn't mean that you are not a good project manager - it just means that you were unlucky.

We know how disappointing and frustrating it is to start all over again with your exam preparation. So our good news for you is that we will give you 90 additional days of access to The PM Simulator if you didn’t pass.

Extension Policy

If you didn’t pass your PMP Exam You can get your 90-day extension access to the PM Exam Simulator provided you adhere to the following notification process:

  • You are a paying customer of The PM Exam Simulator.
  • You did not ask for a refund on your account.
  • You took your PMP exam but didn’t pass it.
  • Send a scanned version of your PMP Exam Score Report to [email protected] within 45 days of the failed exam attempt. (Don’t have a scanner? Take a picture with your electronic camera.)
  • In the email please tell us first name, last name and email address from your simulator account

We will extend your access if you meet all the criteria.

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