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Bonus Items

When signing up of for the FREE PM Exam Simulatorā„¢ you will also receive the following bonus items:

Bonus Item #1: Basic Strategies for Taking a PMIĀ® Exam (Email Course)

In this 4-part email course we introduce you to important multiple choice test taking strategies, give our recommendations for other CAPM Exam study material you need and we review the benefits of a simulator.

Bonus Item #2: CAPM Exam Simulator Comparison Worksheet

You probably want to shop around and buy the simulator that's just right for you. Use this Microsoft Excel worksheet to compare our simulator to the others that you have found. Then make your selection. Let us know if you find a better one and why you feel that it is better. We'd love to improve.

About the Exam Simulator

The Free CAPM Exam Simulator offers the same overall features as you will find in The Premium CAPM Exam Simulator. It is a great way for you to try all the simulator features for a week before you decide to buy the premium version outright.

Your free access will confirm to you that this simulator not only has the best features but beats the competition with hundreds and hundreds of realistic questions that are as close to the real CAPM exam questions that you can find.

CAPM Exam Simulator Benefits

  • Prepare you in a realistic environment
  • Perfect solution for the active project managers
  • Learn to manage your exam time effectively
  • Learn effective test taking strategies
  • Gain Confidence and reduce study time.
  • Access online - Anytime and from Anywhere.
  • Be ready to take the exam

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